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Silicone therapy for scar hypertrophy

Good morning Dr Davison, Lovely to see you last Saturday.

I wonder if you can help? Someone has recommended …

John Davison - 29th April 2016

Bad scars are unfortunately one of the risks of cosmetic surgery (and all surgery).


Most of the time, it …

John Davison - 24th January 2016

Blepharoplasty and headaches

I am always going on about this procedure, because I think it is great!


Let me tell you about a gentleman …

John Davison - 23rd October 2015

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The shape and appearance of womens vulva is varied. Sometimes this causes anxiety and unhappiness from a cosmetic point of view, and occasionally things can interfere with sexual functioning. Labial surgery may well resolve these problems in some patients.

More About Labial Reduction Surgery

Many woman find the size and appearance of enlarged labia to be unsightly, but importantly also physically problematic. This includes discomfort in clothing, always having to "adjust" themselves, discomfort sitting crossed legged, and problems with cycling, horseriding and other activities. The physical shape of the labia can also interfere sexually, and feeling self-conscious also interferes in intimate relations.

Labial reduction surgery can often be carried out without the need of a general anaesthetic, and without the need of a formal admission to hospital. This reduces the costs significantly.

Most woman find that, although initially uncomfortable, the recovery is not difficult and most woman are highly satisfied with the results of surgery.

When you are interested in finding out more about labial reduction surgery and the costs involved, please do arrange an appointment to see one of us.

Special Offer: Labioplasty (Labial Reduction Surgery) for Women in Kent/London

Mr John Davison, Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Kent, is able to offer Labiaplasty at a package price from £1350.00

  • All consultations with Mr Davison, your plastic surgeon in Kent.
  • All surgery carried out at local Kent private hospitals.
  • Price now includes consultation, surgery and follow-up appointments.

Labioplasty Offer