John Davison's Rhinoplasty Surgery in Kent

A "nose job" known as rhinoplasty is an operation which changes the appearance of your nose. We concentrate on the features you are unhappy with, but will advise and try to balance the changes with the rest of your nose and the overall shape and proportions of your face in order to give you the best result. The work is mainly on the underlying cartilage and bone and hence there are many parts and options involved in a rhinoplasty, and the results are very much determined by the designer operation specific to you using our experience and judgement to get you as close to your perfect nose as we are able.

The operation is done under general anesthetic and involves a one night stay in hospital. The plaster is removed one week after the surgery and at this stage you start to return to normal, usually returning to work 10 days to 2 weeks after the surgery.

Many of the improved features following the operation are visible immediately after removal of the plaster, but there are some subtle changes which take 6 months or longer to settle down entirely.

Special Offer: Rhinoplasty Surgery

Mr John Davison has a busy Rhinoplasty practice, carrying out many procedures a year. He would be happy to see and advise you on what would be involved, and what we could expect to change and achieve in terms of the features of your nose which you are unhappy with.

  • All consultations with Mr Davison, The Surgeon.
  • All surgery carried out at local Kent private hospitals.
  • Price now includes consultation, surgery and follow-up appointments.

Rhinoplasty Offer