Browlift surgery cures chronic headaches

Brow Lift Surgery and Headaches

John Pereira features in an article in the Daily Mail today. The article describes the use of endoscopic browlift surgery approaches in the treatment of some forms of chronic headache.

We have known that muscle relaxing injections (Botox) can be effective for longstanding headaches, in fact I am surprised how many times this is a useful treatment or “side effect” of Botox.

This operation which John P has performed relies on a similar mechanism. Chronic frowning or tension in some of the forehead muscles can squeeze on some of the larger sensation nerves, causing pain and headaches.

When we do an endoscopic brow lift, we often divide or release some of these muscles – for its cosmetic effects. A similar process of releasing or dividing muscles, is how this operation has now been used for the treatment of some kinds of headaches.

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