Have you been advised against surgery?

Have You Been Advised Against Surgery

I was recently contacted by a lady after she had been for a consultation at one of the big “cosmetic surgery factory” companies where she was told that the operations she wanted were not possible and were dangerous. She was given some rather far-fetched and what in my opinion were nonsensical reasons.

I have seen her and am very happy to go ahead with the procedure she desires. I often see patients who have been turned down by these companies and then I assess them, and go ahead with successful outcomes.

There are companies that will only take on the simplest of cases, with the most profit for themselves (which also means the least risk of any problems). The nurse advisors are instructed to screen prospective patients for anything that may be slightly “out of the ordinary”, such as other medical problems that the patient may have.

This is one difference between seeing a private plastic surgeon (who is independent, is trained and accredited and is on the specialist register in the UK as a Plastic Surgeon) and going to a ‘conveyor-belt’ cosmetic surgery company.  I work in formal hospitals that are safe, accredited and fully equipped. We are happy to assess patients individually, and are capable of dealing with matters that may be slightly “out of the ordinary”. We sometimes will discuss such matters with our anaesthetists and other medical specialist colleagues.

I do feel that it is unfair of such “cosmetic surgery factory” companies to advise patients against-surgery merely because their corporate protocol is to not deal with anything in any way slightly more complex, when in fact the patient could, in the right environment, go ahead and have a very successful procedure.

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