Upper lid Blepharoplasty questions

Upper Eyelid Surgery

I am due to have upper eye blepharoplasty on the XXXX, and I have a few questions if you wouldn’t mind answering I would be very gratefull, please see below:-  

  • How long will the procedure take? About an hour, although you will be at the hospital for an hour and a half roughly.
  • Will I have much swelling and bruising? Always a bit, sometimes more on one side than the other. Usually not very much.
  • Will there be pain after surgery? Generally not, people do not generally take any pain medication.
  • I have booked ten days off work, will I look ok to go back to work by then? Yes, it should be fine.
  • Do the stitches dissolve, or will they need to be removed at a later date? I will see you and remove them at 1 week (dissolving sutures in that position leave the scars a little pink and are a little slower to settle.
  • Do you use laser or knife? Good old fashioned scalpel works best for this operation
  • How long should I sleep upright? Seven days
  • Do you give me any aftercare products to use on the eyes? No- I will talk to you about the recovery process and how to look after things, but there will no products to put on or use.

   Thank you in advance.

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